Kickboxing, self defence & fitness

London Kickboxing Childrens Program

London Kickboxing can help your child’s development in several key areas: fitness, health and wellness, life skills, character building, personal development, self-defence, athletic competition, and lifestyle. Studies prove that training in martial arts does wonders for a child’s self-esteem. Please visit our Classes page for venues, class times and fees.

Parents frequently ask us these questions before enrolling their children wi th London Kickboxing

My child is not very “sporty” so how will kickboxing help him/her?
Very often children who don’t find success in team sports come to kickboxing and they love it. This is because with our training program, children develop at your own pace. Team sports may sometimes affect the self-esteem of children who aren’t very athletic. When they don’t perform well, the other kids can be rather critical which in turn will make the child feel bad for “letting down” his or her team mates.

At London Kickboxing, they can’t let anyone down. Everyone trains at their own pace, we understand that children respond differently to the training and some will learn quicker than others. The children who advance quickly are not in any way given any preferential treatment.


Will Kickboxing make my child violent?
Absolutely not! We don’t teach children how to kick and punch so they can go around and hurt other children. We teach them self-defence skills as a tool for personal development and confidence building.

Will my child get hurt?
We’ve been teaching kickboxing to children for almost 20 years and very rarely has a child been hurt in class. Accidents do happen but then this is the case with all aspects of day to day life. In fact, most children will get injured more often playing football or in the school playground than in class.

What is the starting age?
The starting age at London Kickboxing is 6 years old.

Are the instructors qualified?
London Kickboxing instructors are fully qualified, insured, CRB checked and trained to work with children. London Kickboxing has in place its own Child Protection Policy.